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Planing a honeymoon or destination wedding can be stressful. We can help! Let our expert knowledge ease the stress of these wonderful events, so you can concentrate on the romance.



We offer a range of services:


  • Schedule a "get to know you" appointment
  • Research and plan your honeymoon and/or destination wedding
  • Discuss options that provide the best for your dream honeymoon
  • confirm arrangements and plan a destination wedding
  • Set up a honeymoon registry by selecting excursions, spa treatments, or gift certificates and guests can purchase these items for your honeymoon.
  • Set up a payment plan (if booked far enough in advance)
  • Prepare and review all travel documents prior to departure
  • Welcome home with a follow-up


These are just a few of the services we have available to help plan your honeymoon or destination wedding


Check out our Bridal Registry Section and Bridal Partners section.


When booking your honeymoon or destination wedding, we highly recommend our clients purchase travel insurance to protect their travel investments.



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P O B OX 3065 VALDOSTA GA 31604-3065